Examination Committee - Shift I

Students are subjected to Internal Continuous Assessment (ICA) tests for theory and practical examination. Monthly test, Mid-term test and Model Examinations are centrally administered by the College through the College Examination Committee during every semester. Internal Marks are awarded based on the performance of the students in these tests and assignments. Students are advised to attend these examinations compulsorily.

Examination committee is constituted as hereunder:

Dr. R. Ravi, Asst. Professor, Vice Principal & Head – Department of Co-operation

Mrs. A. Meharunisha, Asst. Professor – Department of Commerce

Dr. S. Nafeesa, Asst. Professor – Department of Commerce

Dr. K.Yasmin, Asst. Professor – Department of Commerce

Dr. S.H. Rehana Banu, Asst. Professor – Department of Corporate Secretaryship

Dr. P. Kalaiselvi, Asst. Professor – Department of Co-operation

Dr. A. Sheik Abdullah, Asst. Professor – Department of Mathematics

Mr. Jamal Abdul Saleem, Junior Assistant (SG)

Mrs. S. Padmavathy, Junior Assistant