Rules and Regulations


Tuition fee and special fee shall be paid within 15 days from the re-opening of the college for each term. A fine of Rs.5/- per week will be collected for payment of fee after 15 days. If the fees are not paid within 2 months after the re-opening of the college, the name of the students will be removed from the rolls. If readmitted he/she shall pay a readmission fee of Rs.15/-in addition to the fees and fines. Fee once paid will not be refunded on any account. If a student leaves the college at the beginning of the year or later during the course he/she shall pay the fees due for the course as per rules before transfer and other certificates are issued.



  1. Every Student shall wear a clean and decent dress.
  2. T-Shirts & Jeans are not allowed.
  3. As a mark of culture and courtesy, students will greet the members of the college staff on their first meeting during the day.
  4. Gathering in groups at entrance, exits, pathways and gates is strictly forbidden.
  5. Students should observe strict silence irrespective of the presence or absence of a Professor.
  6. While a Professor enters the Class, the Students should rise and remain standing till he/she takes his/her seat or desires them to be seated.
  7. No student shall leave the class room without the permission of the Professor.
  8. Students will not be permitted to leave the class, or attend it late under the pretext of paying fee or taking books from the library.
  9. Any student who damages any furniture or any other article even inadvertently shall pay the cost of the article together with such penalty as may be imposed by the principal.
  10. Students shall move from one class room to the other in an orderly and disciplined manner with a view to avoid disturbance to the classes. Students are required not to use the corridors except when moving at the beginning of a period from one class to the other and after interval.
  11. Any disfigurement or damage done to the college premises and furniture (such as writing on the walls, breaking window panes, etc.,) shall entail severe punishment. The cost of damaged article shall in all cases be recovered.
  12. Smoking in the college premises is strictly prohibited.
  13. No Subscription shall be collected by anyone for any purpose within the college
  14. Students are forbidden from taking part in party or communal politics (vide Madras Educational Rule 94)
  15. The attention of students is invited to the following Government Order: (G.O.Ms.479, Education, 20th March 1984)“The Government directs that Educational concessions granted under Rule 92 of the Madras Educational Rules to be cancelled in respect of pupils who resort to or participate in strikes etc.”


  1. The women students shall wear chudidhar with dupatta. The dress must be worn properly and decently.
  2. They shall occupy the front row benches in the class room. During free hours, they are expected to be in their rest rooms allotted for them.
  3. Girls should not wear Leggings, Short Tops and Net Dupattas.
  4. The students who are desirous of leaving the college before time or remain after the college hour shall obtain permission from the Head of the department or Principal.
  5. Disciplinary student can join in NSS, NCC & YRC of the college.
  6. They may take part in the following games: Tennikoit, Table Tennis, Shuttle Cock, Ball Badminton, Carom and Chess.
  7. They may join the rotaract club of the college campus.