Arabic is a dynamic international language of the world, spoken natively by more than 300 million Arabs living in 22 states; and used by the UNO officially in their organizations as one of the most widespread languages of the world. Moreover, it is also religious language for more than one billion Muslims of various languages and origins in countries across the globe.

The Department of Arabic in Quaide Milleth College is regarded as the main centre for teaching translation which is an extremely important skill & need of the today’s world. Translation can open doors to employment in various industries and sometimes even top defence departments & Investigation agencies finds itself in desperate need of translators and interpreters for their secret documents.

Faculty Members

1 Dr. A.M. Maswooda Taskeen M.A., M.Phil.,NET., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
2 Mr. S.K. Fareeth M.A.,NET., Assistant Professor
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