About The Department:

Tamil is an ancient and dominant Language of South East Asia belonging to the primitive Dravidian family with Rich culture, History and Literature.

The Government of India has officially recognized Tamil as a Classical Language.

The words of Mahaakavi Bharathiyar “ யாமறிந்த மொழிகளிலே தமிழ்மொழிபோல் இனிதாவது எங்கும் காணோம். (Of all the languages I knew, I didn’t find no other sweet language than Tamil)

The department of Tamil in The Quaide Milleth College for Men has been enabling the entire department students to learn the sweet Tamil language interestingly.


The Department has been functioning with the objective to inculcate the spirit of the language and appreciation of literature, to enrich creativity and to prepare the students to face examinations. As part of its co-curricular activities, the Department conducts competitions, arranges lectures and cultural events to sensitize students in cultural aspects of Tamil l

Faculty Members

1 Mrs. Aruna Jeeva Bharathi M.A., M,Phil, B.Ed., SET., Associate Professor & Head
2 Mr. S. Thirumalai Ganesan M.A, M.Phil., NET & SET., Assistant Professor
3 Dr. A. Nazeema Sikkandar M.A M.Phil, MBA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor



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