Fees Structure - Shift I

1. Tuition Fee per Semester (2 Semesters in a Year)
B.Com., (Co-operation), B.Com. , (Corporate Secretaryship) -
B.Sc., Mathematics and B.Com., (General) -
M.Com., (Commerce) 375
2.Special Fee per annum  
a) Library  
    Under Graduate 30
    Post Graduate 100
b) Games 100
c) Magazine 20
d) Stationery 50
e) Calender, Identity Card and Library ticket 20
f) Reading Room 10
g) College Union 25
h) College Day 15
3. In addition to the above, the following fees are to be paid on admission
a) Admission Fee 15
b) Medical Examination Fee Payable to Physician 5
C) Payable to University of Madras  
I) Matriculation fee payable to the University 50
II) Recognition fee payable to the University  
a) In respect of students of TNHSC 100
b) Students of CBSE 200
c) Foreign Students `
    For Under Graduate Course 5000
    For Post Graduate Course 7500
    For Precessing fees (UG & PG) 2500
D) Registration Fee payable to the University of Madras
     For under Graduate Course 80
     For Post Graduate Course 100
E) i. Sports fee (UG) 60
    ii. Sport fee (PG) 40
F) Library fee (UG) 60
    Library fee (PG) 40
G) Development of infra stuctural facilities 30
H) Youth Cultural and Festivals 30
I)  TNHSC Verification fee for each statement fo marks 10
J) National Service Scheme 10
K) Flag Day 5
L) Youth Red Cross Society 10
M) Harijan Sevak Sangh 1
Fees : Subject to Revision  
Note : Keep the college Fee Receipts (Student's copy) till the completion of the Course